Facts: The Internet was not invented to solve global naming complexities, but today it is right in the centre of the storm, with the most powerful domain name tools and options leading the charge.

Facts: There are some 100 top diluted names being shared by 100 million businesses around the world each chasing ownership dreams while being assured of some level of protection.

Facts: The combined annual global advertising expenditures mostly spent in pursuit of building name brands is about US$400bn.

Facts: Global domain name expansion is unstoppable, the global hunger for brand name visibility is irresistible and the clash of the two is now inevitable. 

Facts: The name identity is the most important and valuable component of a brand while a domain name is still the most undervalued and misunderstood component of the e-commerce.

Facts: The ICANN gTLD game is not just for everyone or for any business. It's a highly tactical device that needs the right housing to nurture it under a special agenda.

Facts: In the right combination, a gTLD dot name is the most economical tool for the fastest global name identity expansion, with the most maximum impact, ever.

Facts: Regardless where a DOT is placed in a domain name of any type or size it's a 'name' and therefore must conform to rules of corporate nomenclature and trademark laws.

Facts: Less than 2% of business executives have any significant level of depth to articulate on the dot name topic and lead their teams.

Facts: So far dot names are being driven by registries, registrars, domainers, lawyers and Icannistas, the absence of frontline marketers is creating a fog of war.

Facts: Based on the current trajectory, ICANN and global domain name expansion may become the alternate power house to global name identity protection issues.

Facts: Outside a very small percentage, most business names from last century cannot be stretched over the marketing canvas of global ecommerce.

Facts: Dictionary words, for the first time, acquire special 'generic brand protection power' as they will start to dominate cyber traffic flow as dot names.

Facts: The current 542 word generic gTLD dot names can be classified into three categories; Safe journeys, Bumpy roads, Lost in the jungle, winners and losers select their lanes.

Facts: The runaway success of few dozen dot names from the first 1,500 applications will encourage tenfold the number of new applicants in the next round.

Facts: The Facebook and Social Media strips the brand names as they appear as 'naked words' in social chit-chat. Facebook has yet to show a model for brand name expansion while shares fall.

Facts: Massive digitization will further compress the old fashioned graphic campaigns into micro mobile name-centric messages, where brand name identity will be the single main differentiator.

Excerpted with permission from Metrostate Syndicate, publisher of the book Image Supremacy
by Naseem Javed